The Power of Morning Work: Using a Spiral Grammar Review in your 3rd Grade Classrooms


Let’s face it – the art of maintaining a high level of engagement from the minute our students step into the classroom until the moment they depart is no small feat. This active engagement is key to their academic growth, and it also helps to keep disruptive behaviors at bay. As a teacher, you might be familiar with the magical tools of ‘Morning Work’, ‘Do Nows’, or an ‘Exit Ticket’ to harness these precious moments. No matter how you slice it, morning work worksheets are a must-have.

Here’s the exciting part: I have a solution that will save your energy and check off an item from that ever-growing Back-to-School “to-do list”. I’ve designed ready-to-go spiral-review, grammar morning work worksheets for the first 6 weeks of school! 

Let’s delve into why these enchanting grammar ‘do nows’ will be the perfect morning elixir for your 3rd-grade classroom. Not a third grade teacher? This resource is a great fit for 2nd and 4th grade students, too!

The Power of Morning Work in the Classroom:

Morning work is the secret ingredient that gives a kickstart to the day in any elementary classroom. It magically fosters…

  • A consistent routine
  • Student Independence
  • And most importantly, it allows you to conjure up valuable instructional time.

These grammar worksheets also morph into a formative assessment tool, providing you with daily insights into each student’s understanding and progress of specific grammar standards.

Why use these Spiral Review, Morning Work Worksheets for 3rd Graders:

Grammar is the backbone of literacy—be it reading, writing, speaking, or listening. Hence, spiraling back and practicing these concepts is critical for your little wizards. These spiral review, standards-based worksheets serve several important functions:

  • Reinforcement: They provide frequent exposure to grammar concepts, strengthening previous learning.
  • Retention: They aid in the retention of learned material over time. With each review, students fortify their understanding and mastery of grammar rules, enhancing their overall language proficiency.
  • Application: They offer numerous opportunities to apply their grammar knowledge in diverse contexts, fostering a deep understanding of grammar rules and their significance in communication.
  • Remediation: They help identify and patch up learning gaps. Through continuous review, teachers can promptly correct misconceptions or weaknesses in students’ understanding.
  • Progression: They support a natural flow of complexity. As students get cozy with basic concepts, more intricate grammar rules can be introduced, ensuring a smooth, manageable learning journey.

What’s included: Ready-to-Print, Standards-Based, Morning Work Worksheets:

These worksheets present fun-filled grammar activities for Monday-Friday on just two pages. A simple print front-to-back and, voila, you’re all set with ELA morning work for the entire week!

The standards-based grammar skills spiral from week-to-week, gradually introducing more challenging tasks as the weeks fly by.

  • Magical Monday: Parts of speech practice (CCSS L.3.1.A)
  • Terrific Tuesday: Capitalization or Punctuation (CCSS L.3.2.A)
  • Wordy Wednesday: Using context clues (CCSS L.3.4.A)
  • Thinking Thursday: Literal vs nonliteral practice and word parts (CCSS L.3.5.A, L.3.4.C)
  • Phonics or Fluency Friday: Bringing it all together, students will practice grade-level appropriate phonics skills or reading fluency, then answer reading comprehension questions based on the passage.

Add a little magic to your mornings and transform your 3rd-grade classroom into a lively learning hub by getting Grammar Morning Work HERE today.

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