7 Classroom Review Activities and Ideas


Whether you’ve just come back from a long break or want to prepare for an end-of-year exam, you might be in search of classroom review activities. Reviewing can be super overwhelming. How exactly can you choose what to review? Don’t students need to know it all?! 

Of course, it would be amazing if our students walked away with mastery of every skill and piece of content that was taught. But that’s not the case with most. Instead, it’s best to identify the foundation or readiness skills in your standards. And when push comes to shove, you can spend less time reviewing the supporting skills.

To make things simpler, I identified some classroom review activities that target many of the readiness skills for elementary students. Take a look!

#1 Fact Family Find

Who doesn’t love a classroom review game? This one will really assess your students’ knowledge, and they’ll have some fun as well. You can use blank stickers for this, or simply write equations on sticky notes.

Give each student a different equation. When creating the equations, make sure that a couple of them match the same fact family, such as 7 X 6, 6 X 7, 42 / 6, and so on. Once they find their fact family, they will all gather around an anchor chart and work together to model one of their equations in 5 different ways: as a number line, picture, repeated subtraction, fact family, and array.

This was a challenge for students, but nothing they couldn’t achieve with their group! You can read more about the Fact Family Find classroom review game here.

#2 Toy Store Multiplication Review

Spice up your multiplication review centers with this Toy Store Multiplication Review. This one is a mix of a classroom review game with some challenging review activities.

Students will deepen their knowledge of equal groups, repeated addition, number lines, Arrays, and two-step word problems with four different hands-on classroom review activities. For example, they will match equal groups and standard expressions to the product they represent, represent multiplication using a number line, and more.

Plus, all of the activities are Toy Store themed! It’s an engaging way to review complex math skills.

#3 Hands-on Rounding Review

I hope you’re hungry because this ice cream themed classroom review game is a treat! Students will practice their rounding skills with this simple, low-prep activity.

Here’s how it works. There are ten different ice cream cones, each labeled with a rounded number (100-1000). Then, there are 120 ice cream scoops each containing a number. Students need to match the scoop to the cone (aka the number it would round up to).

This Ice Cream Rounding Game is simple to put together and needs minimal instructions (which makes it a perfect independent center).

#4 Color It In ELA Review

Sometimes you have a lot to review in a little time. This Color It In Bundle helps you chunk ELA skills, and it has a built-in incentive for students to complete the activity.

Here’s how this classroom review activity works. Students will complete various different activities and skills, such as the author’s purpose, character traits, main idea, and more. Each time they complete a page of the activity, they get to color in a section of an image.

After they have finished all the activities for that particular skill, they will have a completed coloring page. Students will naturally want to work, so they have the opportunity to color! It also gives them a brain break between each activity.

#5 RACE Writing Resource

You don’t have to say it twice: writing is a tough skill. If your students are struggling with written responses, providing evidence, or citing the text – this classroom review activity is for you!

The RACE Writing Resource includes 10 passages that students will read and respond to. Each passage has a graphic organizer which scaffolds students through the process of writing a response: restate the question, answer the question, cite evidence from the text, explain how the evidence proves your answer, and summarize.

Then, they can turn their graphic organizer into a full-fledged paragraph! By using the RACE process, students are sure not to miss any of the important elements of a written response. You can grab the resource here.

#6 Review Genres and Text Features

I was always shocked by how many students forgot the difference between fiction and nonfiction by the end of the year! This knowledge can be really transformative in our students’ understanding of what they read and their overall comprehension.

Review genres and text features with students using this anchor chart freebie activity. You can complete this as a whole class or put students in groups to work together. Students will create an anchor chart of different text features, plus they will identify the difference between fiction and nonfiction.

You can download the FREE Nonfiction Text Features and Genre Trees review activity at the top of this page. You’ll also get access to the entire Free Resource Library!

#7 Classroom Procedures

Lastly, it doesn’t matter what time of year you’re in, students can always benefit from reviewing classroom procedures and expectations. You can make this a fun classroom review activity.

Type up different classroom expectations, such as “Where do we put return books?” or “Where do we line up for lunch?” Then, hide these slips of paper around the classroom. If a student finds the slip, stop class and practice the expectation! It makes for a fun (and useful) scavenger hunt. You can read more about how I did this scavenger hunt with my students here.

Feel free to take these classroom review activities and make them your own! And remember, it’s impossible to review it all. Pick the most needed skills and pieces of content! Then, have some fun with it.

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