13 No Prep Fall Activities for Elementary Students


It may be hard to believe, but fall is approaching! Whether your recess is spent in the blazing hot sun or the cool fall wind, it’s time to pull out your fall activities. Using seasonal activities is a great way to change up your classroom routine and add new, engaging activities. Plus, with these no prep fall activities – you’ll be thanking yourself later.

Fall Writing Activities 

Thanksgiving Writing Activity


In this writing activity, your students will use their masterful persuasive skills. Students will write a book from the perspective of a turkey. They will try to persuade the reader to choose a different main course for Thanksgiving dinner!

This writing activity works best with grade 2-5. It includes specific directions for each stage of writing, another with suggested sentences – so even your struggling writers can conquer this task.

Haunted House For Sale

Your students will act as a realtor for this writing activity with a tough job – selling a haunted house! They will need to use persuasive, descriptive, and persuasive writing skills to pull it off! This is a student favorite every year because it allows for a lot of creativity.

I definitely recommend displaying these in your classroom or having students share with each other. They are fun to read!

Fall Writing Activity

Your 3rd – 5th grade students will flex their narrative nonfiction skills in this fall writing activity. Students will take on the perspective of a tree changing in autumn. They will describe the process and craft an engaging storyline.

I like to challenge my students to use imagery and figurative language in this writing activity. It’s a fall activity that really packs a punch! You can even talk about personification with this exercise.

Reading Activities for Fall

Fiction and Nonfiction Reading Banner


I love classroom decor just as much as the next teacher, but I also like to utilize my space effectively! That’s where these helpful, practical, and cute reading banners come in. With this meaningful decor activity, students will apply various fiction and nonfiction skills with a bit of crafting!

Each template within the banner covers a different skill, such as storytelling elements, summarizing, information skills, sequencing, and more. Plus, the banners and templates come in really cute seasonal templates.

You can apply them to any book and display them in various ways. You can attach it to ribbon and hang them from the ceiling or wall, staple to a bulletin board, or line the hallways with seasonal decor.

I have templates for various holidays, including a Thanksgiving Banner, Fall Themed Banner, and Halloween Banner. This is a fall activity that serves an educational purpose, as well as a festive one!

Reading Comprehension Graphic Organizers

If you use graphic organizers a lot in your classroom, then these graphic organizers will help you mix it up in the fall. I created Halloween Themed and Fall Themed reading graphic organizers.  

Each set of graphic organizers covers the same 15 skills, including cause and effect, character traits, context clues, main idea and details, and more. However, each set uses different images, shapes, and symbols to make it a fun fall activity. Plus, these are no prep. No cutting involved – just simply print and use!


Fall Themed Math Activities


Multiples of Ten Task Cards – Fall Themed

If you want to add fall activities to your centers or independent learning, these are the perfect task cards. This set comes with 24 task cards, each containing one math problem. It includes various types of problems, including word problems and numbers, so students can practice with various question formats.

Distributive Property Task Cards – Fall Themed

Add in a fun fall themed math game with these task cards. Have students race to solve the problem or work in teams to solve the equations. This task card set includes 24 cards, each with one problem. It includes word problems, break away arrays, balancing equations, and standard algorithms. That way you can rest-assured that your students have fully mastered the skill!


Graphing and Data Task Cards – Halloween Themed

Looking for a day of Halloween math activity? If you want to celebrate Halloween, without ditching content, then these task cards are perfect. Students will look at picture graphics, bar graphs, tally tables, and line plots – all with a fun Halloween twist. This set includes 24 task cards.

Multiplication Task Cards – Halloween Themed

If your students need extra help with multiplication strategies and word problems, then this is the perfect fall activity. You can use it in centers, make it a fun classroom game, or get hands-on with a task card scoot. Students will practice equal groups, number lines, arrays, repeated addition, and two-step word problems with these task cards.

Rounding, Addition, and Subtraction Task Cards – Halloween Themed

These tasks make a great review! No matter what level your students are at, these task cards will review foundational math skills: estimation, addition, substracton, mental math, and two-step word problems. Plus, it’s Halloween themed, so you’re students will enjoy the spooky, seasonal math problems.

Bonus Fall Activity

Do your students enjoy coloring? Do they need a little brain break after working hard? Do they also need practice with parts of speech? If yes, this is perfect for you. The student’s goal is to complete all 5 parts of speech practice pages to completely color in their Spooktacular Parts of Speech cover page.

I hope you found some no-prep fall activities that will fit perfectly into your classroom. You can read more about my favorite October lesson plans in this blog post. While fall still feels like the beginning of the year, at this point, students have actually learned a lot! This is a great time to review content and get students engaged in learning.

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