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Summer is the perfect time to try these easy classroom craft ideas for teachers! To some of us, tackling a do-it-yourself project takes a special type of growth mindset. But trust me on this, these DIY craft ideas are fit for a novice… and someone who doesn’t like to break the bank. In this post, I’m going to prove you with step-by-step directions to create explain 3 easy classroom craft ideas that you really can do! They’re going to look great in your classroom! You can click the links within the post to grab supplies, or click here to see my DIY Toolkit via Amazon.


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Confetti Chandelier

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The Confetti Chandelier is so cute and SO easy. You will need:

  1. Drape the circle garland over the sides of hula hoop so the circles hang both inside and outside of the hoop. They do not all have to hang at the same height!
  2. Tie the fishing line to the sides of the hula hoop, gather it at the top and affix the fishing line to a ceiling hook (you may have to play with it a bit to get the chandelier to hang straight).
  3. Clasp your ceiling hook to the framing of your ceiling and VIOLA! You have yourself a cute confetti chandelier! You can spice it up by adding glittering stars or other garland of your choice.
Screen Shot 2019-06-19 at 12.29.53 PM

Confetti Garland on Amazon {click}



Ribbon Fringe Valance

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Get ready to tie some knots. You will need:

  1. Cut your ribbon. Because they will be knotted over the tension rod, allow for a little extra. For example, if you want your ribbon to hang ~6 in. from the rod, you’ll need each piece to be ~13-15 inches. Keep in mind that all of the pieces do not have to be the same length. Having different lengths and ribbon sizes adds dimension to your valance. (To get the “V” look at the end of the ribbon, double the ribbon over itself, pinch the corners together, and cut at a V angle away from you).
  2. Fold the ribbon in half. Put the looped side of the ribbon over the rod and pull the ends through the loop. Keep the ribbons loose until all pieces are on the rod so you can adjust their placement as needed.
  3. Hang your valance and beam with pride!! You can also use Command/3M Hooks to hang your valance if the tension rod itself won’t do the job.


Decorative Book Fans

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**No books were harmed in the making of this project. This DIY is totally FREE! All you need is:

To make a large fan:

  1. Take pages out of the book. I used about 15 pages for the large fans and about 8 pages for the small fans. These numbers vary depending on the size of your book (I used a Captain Underpants book) and how small you fold.
  2. Begin folding pages in a fan-like way, small folds back and forth until you reach the opposite end of the page. Line pages up as you finish.
  3. Tape each folded page together at the seams. You will have a long line of pages.IMG_2078
  4.  Here’s the tricky part: connect the two free ends together by bringing them to touch (keep the end goal in mind here–you are making a circular fan). Tape them together where they meet.
  5. To connect the fan in the middle, I pulled opposite ends of the fan together at the center and attached them with tape. Your fan may need more than that, but I promise with a little prodding and some extra *tape* your fan will be ready to display in no time

To make a small fan:

  1. Repeat steps 1-3 from above. You should again have a line of connected pages.
  2. Gather the folded pages together and keep them closed. Seal the grouped together  in the middle using a twist tie.
  3. Fold the group of pages together at the twist tie, and spread out your fan in both directions. Tape the seams together where they meet.
  4. Go through your fan and close up any openings with tape.

**To make the “Read What You Love” quote that I have hanging in my library, I used a Cricut! You can learn a super easy way to cut laminated paper with a Cricut by watching the Tips & Tricks highlight on my Instagram!   If you do not own a Cricut, grab the Quote Kit in my TpT store to make the sign with easy. The other decorative fans seen in the photo (black polka dots and pink) are from Target and Hobby Lobby.

These easy classroom projects are a fun way to add cute decor to your classroom for cheap!  What are some of your favorite classroom DIYs? What questions do you have for me to help you get started with a crafty project? Leave a comment or message me on Instagram! Remember to follow my blog and TpT store!

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3 DIY Decorations for your classroom

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